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Spiritual Guidance is for the moments when you are in need of solace, clarity, psychic insight or inspiration. Together, we explore your past and see the choices made that brought you to your present circumstance, this also acts as validation for any insights that come up with regard to your future. Present situations are explored, allowing you to make more informed choices.  

The sessions can be focused on a particular situation, such as career, relationships or new adventures. The focus can also be general allowing you to see what lies ahead for you and what situations you should be focusing on at the present time. It can assist in bringing forth a much needed clarity within the difficult moments we often face in life.

Spiritual Guidance is available as a one to one session in person or via Skype, email & phone.

Also available to groups, private parties and corporate events.

To book please use the Contacts Page or call:

0844 856 7476 or 07933 540 001 

More spiritual & psychic options are available on our sister site: Angel Tarot Guidance


*Disclaimer: UK Law now states that psychic, tarot & spiritual readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only. You are under no obligation to take action based on guidance given to you in a reading. For all matters, you should seek the relevant professional help that you require. 
All services including Reiki Healing & Hypnotherapy should not be used in place of conventional medicine, unless your GP has given consent. With all conditions it is advisable that you seek professional medical help first.

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